Become a part of MetaMask Chrome for protecting crypto

Unlike the initial stages, cryptocurrencies are now the highest-priced digital assets to have ever existed

and we have all seen the changes they brought along. It gave people opportunities along with the

hope to better their income, by making just a few trade and investment decisions. But soon cybercrime

skyrocketed and with Cryptojacking in the picture, crypto traders needed wallet services. That is when

MetaMask came out as the hero. And today, the read below will help you get the MetaMask Chrome

extension, launch it, and become an active member of the network so that, you can keep your crypto

(Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens) protected.

Get to know the download steps for the Chrome plugin

As mentioned in the introductory section, this part of the read begins by sharing the steps of the

download procedure for the wallet extension on your Chrome browser:

1. Get yourself to visit the MetaMask.Io webpage.

2. Go for “Download” or “Download Now” (whichever you see).

3. On reaching the download page, pick on the icon for Chrome.

4. Wait to reach the web store, specific to Chrome users.

5. On the Chrome web store, you’ll see the MetaMask Chrome extension.

6. Move ahead with “Add to Chrome” and wrap up with “Add Extension”.

Find and open the installed wallet Extension

Once the extension is downloaded, you will have to launch it to begin using it – let us help you find it

and open it:

1. Check the Chrome toolbar for the MetaMask icon.

2. If not found, get into the “Puzzle-Piece” icon for plugins.

3. You’ll have a list of installed plugins – look for MetaMask.

4. Open it as soon as you find the installed wallet extension.

MetaMask account to protect crypto (ETH and ERC20 tokens)

And now that you’ve found a way to launch the wallet extension, we would love to guide you through

the account registration steps:

1. Open the extension and step ahead with “Get Started”.

2. Thoroughly read the, already fixed, Terms of Use.

3. Submit a password to add to the wallet security parameters.

4. Approve that you agree to the Terms and end with the “Create” tab.


We all are aware of the financial value that has been assigned to cryptocurrencies and it is no surprise

that cybercrime has certainly increased for that particular reason. MetaMask wallet is a software service

that protects your ETH and other ERC20 tokens from every online threat. The purpose

behind creating the above data piece is to help you get the exclusive MetaMask Chrome extension and

shield your digital funds in a registered wallet account.